Timbre's Sensor

Incorporates a new approach to high energy particle sensing
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Particle Field
Direct Conversion

Timbre's Patented technology direct conversion and deyecyion of high energy particles for the first time...
Single Photon Detection

Timbre's Cavity reacts to single photon events that exceed the user programmed threshold for incident energy
Small Size , Efficient, Fast...

The Sensor is actually the smaller retangular object below of the dime, and can be mounted in an efficient array for camera applications...

Investor Information


Timbre is currently entering their second funding round
With an emphasis on product development.

Personel Safety
Fast sensing of specific Isotopes for early Detection
Nuclear Diagnostics
Live High speed camera scans of Hard Xrays an, Gamma and Neutron flux
Medical Imaging
Fast , high sensitivity and low cost offers the promise of quick scans without the discomfort
Threat Deterence
Proliferation Monitoring, activity and illicit transportation detection in a hand held low power device
Always on Low power accurate updates of personnel dose rate and exposure.
Early Warning Deterence
Timbres high sensitivity allows for fast deteion of threats or out of the ordinary backgroung readings

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